Established in the late 80’s, Andromeda Academy is the first among schools to

specialize on a certain facet of the entertainment industry. Although an “Idol” is still a relatively new

term by that era, the founders of the Academy foresaw the rapid development of these sensationalized

performers. With the advent of computers and virtual simulation, the Idol became synonymous to the

I-DUEL System, the piece of technology that made the ever-popular I-DUEL Battles a reality. Nowadays, every

facet of Andromeda Academy revolves around the System, with its one-of-a-kind Practical Idol Management Pads

(PIMPs) catered to each individual and emphasis of I-DUEL Battles as a means to evaluate students. Applicants are

expected to be well-versed in the System, with its Admission Auditions – the school’s equivalent to an “entrance exam” – highlighting Battles. Andromeda Academy only admits male students, while a sister school accepts females.

Though highly praised as an “Idol school”, Andromeda Academy accepts students under three “Courses”: Idol, Manager and Designer. Students under the Manager and Designer Courses number around a hundred combined, but the Academy recognizes the importance of these roles and as such, the enrollees attend specialized lessons in Idol production and I-Décor design and manufacturing. Still, most of the Academy’s facilities cater to those belonging to the Idol Course, with one building constructed specifically for Idol training and several auditoriums, including an outdoor stage. The largest and most famous of these stages is the Grand Arena Yamato, otherwise known as the GAY, which is located off-campus in the town’s entertainment district. Even though they are segregated by Courses, students share the same building and gymnasium for general lessons and after-school Clubs.

In contrast to people’s expectations, the Academy’s Idol Course is highly flexible and promotes independence and self-awareness. Aside from the required lessons on general subjects during weekday mornings, students can use the rest of their time either training under the Academy’s handpicked special “Coaches” or auditioning and performing for Gigs to further boost their popularity. However, that doesn’t mean that the Academy breed slackers and mediocre Idols – the school regularly administers written and practical evaluations using the I-DUEL System. Any student that fails to impress the Academy’s administration is sure to receive an expulsion notice in an instant.

Andromeda Academy regularly houses concerts and music festivals, but the most prominent of all is the Dream Idol Coronation or the DIC for short. Held in March, the DIC is an all-out competition among all the Academy’s Idol Course students. The students normally group together to form teams known as Idol Units, composing their own group names, taglines and even coordinated getups. The DIC features a battle royale between all Idol Units of the school, with the winners announced as the Academy’s Crown Princes. With the reign of an entire school term, the Crown Princes rule amongst the school populace as the best of the best, with several privileges accruing to them, such as leading the Student Council and possessing their own exclusive dormitory and vehicle. With the greatest opportunities during and after high school, all the students in the Academy aspire to become a Crown Prince and diligently prepare for the DIC. With all Idols bringing their absolute best, the DIC became a highly popular event in the entire industry, with several media outlets flocking to purchase exclusive coverage.

All of Andromeda Academy’s students are housed in an in-campus dormitory, with the Crown Princes having

their own exclusive dorm, popularly known as the Palace. Other noticeable features of the Academy includes a

cafeteria, a dojo, a soccer field and a small forested area.

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