I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom uses a turn-based RPG battle system for the I-DUEL Battles

in the game. Known as the ASC Battle System, three Idol “actions” govern the direction of the

I-DUEL Battle – Appeal, Special and Counter, hence the moniker. These three actions are explained

as follows:

1.  APPEAL – Acts as the basic “Attack” action on an RPG. Appeals are strong against Specials and weak against Counters. An Appeal lessens a rival Idol’s “Live Points” or LP, making them more susceptible to be knocked out from battle. An Appeal does not cost any “Energy Points” or EP, but are considerably weaker. The power of an Appeal depends on the user’s Charm and the target’s Acting. Additionally, Appeals gain “Types” and “Effects” depending on the I-Décors equipped. Appeals have the ability to disrupt the target’s Special, stopping it from actually happening. On the other hand, a Counter trumps an Appeal, so the Countering Idol receives no damage, while unleashing hurt on the Appealing Idol, as well as triggering other effects.

2.  SPECIAL – Acts as the basic “Skill” action on an RPG. Specials are strong against Counters and weak against Appeals. Unlike the Appeal, Specials come in different varieties, depending on the Idol in question, though they cost some “Energy Points” or EP to use. Most Specials base their power on the user’s and target’s Vocals stat, though several Specials work differently. Specials have their own “Types” and “Effects” and I-Décors normally do not affect the results. Specials always go through Counters, making the latter entirely useless. However, Appeals can interrupt and negate them, especially since triggering a Special takes a lot of time.

3.   COUNTER – Acts as the basic “Guard” action on a RPG. Counters are strong against Appeals and weak against Specials. Basically, a Counter puts the Idol in a defensive and cautious position, waiting for the other Idols to act and hopefully catch them by surprise to gain the upper hand. A Counter’s damage is based on the user’s Acting and target’s Charm, the complete opposite of the Appeal. A Counter’s “Types” and “Effects” is highly dependent on the Idol, “evolving” to new varieties of Counters as the Idol levels up. Appeals are easily Countered, but Specials are too powerful for the Idol to Counter.

These three actions work like a rock-scissors-paper system, with Appeals being strong against Specials, Specials strong against Counters and Counters strong against Appeals. In a normal sequence of events, Idols using Counters come first, followed by Appeals then lastly Specials, which are slower but more powerful by nature. Assessing the situation is extremely important in an I-DUEL Battle, as being too risky or too cautious might be your undoing.