The cream of the crop, the Crown Princes rule on the pinnacle of Andromeda Academy’s

student hierarchy. They enjoy exclusive benefits inside and even outside the Academy, wherein they

are treated as true professionals even though they haven’t formally debuted under a specific production

agency. The Crown Princes also hold positions on the Student Council and live in relative luxury with an exclusive

dormitory, a private lounge and an official vehicle. There is only one condition to become a Crown Prince – one

must win the previous Dream Idol Coronation or DIC.

Since the DIC is usually won by a team of two to four Idols, there is at least two Crown Princes at a time. All Crown Princes hold their title for one academic year and are mostly third years. They are required to be a member of the Student Council, but the Student Council President need not necessarily be a Crown Prince, though this is the case most of the time. All other positions in the Student Council are either filled up by appointment by the Crown Princes or selected en masse by the student body through an election. As the literal idols of the school, the Crown Princes are expected to lead by example through their membership and active participation in the Council.

The Crown Princes are known to have the “pick” of the best Gigs, since they are the first choice for all agencies, studios and entertainment companies. This is understandable, as they represent the very best of Andromeda Academy. As such, the Crown Princes tend to be the most popular of the Academy’s Idols, with their faces plastered all over magazines and their songs on every radio station possible. They also hold concerts in the Grand Arena Yamato regularly and is expected to perform in the Academy’s myriad events, including the Welcome Concert for new students. However, with the many opportunities and privileges comes the intense pressure to embody the principles of an ideal Idol, as taking the role of a Crown Prince means being regularly scrutinized by the fans, entertainment critics, their fellow students and the Academy’s administration itself. It’s no wonder a few students opt to avoid the race for the throne, but instead aiming to graduate peacefully and with enough merit to land a debut with a respectable Idol agency.

In the rare event that the Idols that won the previous DIC are all graduating students, the Idol Unit with at least two members eligible for enrollment in the Academy and also with the highest rank in the competition, will be declared the succeeding year’s Crown Princes. This never happens however, as most third years do not participate in the DIC, since they will be busy applying to debut as Idols under agencies of their choice. Even if they do join the DIC, they usually team up with first years and second years to give them a better chance of landing a Crown Prince spot. Still, there are always exceptions, as a matter of pride for most who do.