As expected of a premier Idol school, Andromeda Academy hosts a number of Events that

feature the talent of their students. The most prominent, of course, is the two-day Event known as the

DIC – Dream Idol Coronation – where its entire student body pit against each other in intense I-DUEL Battles

to determine the best of the best. Idols team up to form Idol Units for the DIC and they engage in a random

selection of bouts against each other. Losing a match means instant elimination and only eight teams remain

after the first day. The second day features the eight declining into four and then filtered to two. The DIC Finals is the

most-viewed I-DUEL Battle of the Academy; it’s not an exaggeration to say that the whole country halt whatever they were currently doing to watch. The DIC is held in the last week of March.

Other recognizable Events that Andromeda Academy regularly organizes include the Summer Splash Spectacle or the in August, the Christmas Concert during December and the White Day White Out a few weeks before the DIC commences. Though most Events feature performances by the Crown Princes and selected Idols, there are those that hold exhibition I-DUEL Battles for entertainment, like the S3. Aside from the DIC, the only other Event that highlight a fierce competition between the students is the BF or Battle-Fest, held during the Academy’s annual School Festival in October.

Though technically not school Events per se, Andromeda Academy’s Midterm and Final Examinations include practical evaluations through I-DUEL Battles. People still flock to see them however, normally family members, friends and fans rushing to support the students. Due to this, the Academy opens its gates during this time, welcoming everyone in its many stages. This is a double-edged sword for the students however, since they’re either elated or anxious over the number of people coming to see them perform for the right to stay in the school.

Whatever the Event is, the Crown Princes and the Student Council are expected to help organize and most of the time perform as well. They can also host their own Events independent of the Academy, though approval is still sought

out before it can happen. Still, any Event that has something to do with the Academy and its students are always

a good thing for the loyal fans.