The I-DUEL System is a state-of-the-art virtual simulation technology utilized by

Andromeda Academy in the training and production of its Idol Course students. Developed by

the joint efforts of several leading researchers and innovators, it revolutionized the way Idol entertainment

is perceived by the masses. The System produces its own virtual “stage”, where the Idols that accessed it can

dress up using I-Decors and then render a performance. A highlight of the System is the introduction of I-DUEL Battles,

where two or more Idols do “battle”, with the intent of outperforming others. In such a battle, they pit their talents against each other, usually in front of a crowd, while the system itself does the calculations in response to what a panel of judges would score, sometimes including audience support and favor. Most activities in the Academy use the system and the I-DUEL battles, including examinations, self-produced concerts and exhibitions, while sponsors and production agencies utilize it for their own auditions.

In an I-DUEL battle, the Idol’s potential is converted into several different stats and attributes, for example, their musical capacity (Vocals). The main goal in the battle is to “outshine the competition”, by a combination of different actions, such as Appealing to the audience, conducting a difficult yet Special dance step or Countering the other Idol’s action, hopefully using their mistakes to your advantage. Several other factors are considered by the system, such as the Idol’s style, their current state of mind and the impact of their very presence to the adoring crowd. The I-DUEL system streamlines all these otherwise impossible-to-measure aspects of the Idol business to create an innovative environment of showmanship, competition and entertainment.

To help augment their abilities in an I-DUEL Battle, Idols use I-Décors to improve their stats. I-Décors are clothing and accessories accepted by the I-DUEL System and using a complex algorithm, assigns them fixed values and attributes, which boosts the stats of the Idols who wear them. An Idol with otherwise low stats can find his chances drastically improved by wearing superb I-Décors, which means that collecting the right ones is also an important part of the System. With the intricate mechanics behind I-Décors and its “rarity” ranks, several fashion designers have dedicated themselves into creating the perfect I-Décor, some even producing their own specialized I-Brands. I-Décors under successful I-Brands are much more difficult to acquire, which some even holding their own I-DUEL Battles for the right to use it.

Another important facet in the I-DUEL System is the granting of I-Bilities and I-Dominions. As an artificial intelligence with a mind of its own, the System only bestows these special skills to Idols it has “chosen”, perceived by most to have the greatest “potential” to use it. Many had tried, but no one can predict the System’s assignment of I-Bilities and the rarer and more powerful I-Dominions, so the Idols sometimes had to accept whatever was given to them. As a rule, an Idol can only have one I-Bility or I-Dominion at a time, though which specific one it is could change overtime.

Despite the dangerous premise of I-DUEL Battles, the I-DUEL System is by no means capable of inflicting physical

harm. A Battle is practically a virtual yet closed simulation using all five senses, but with no adverse effect on

the body.