Similar to an RPG, I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom uses Stats as a measure of the Idol’s power

in Battle. There are eight Stats in all – Live Points or LP, Energy Points or EP, Charm, Acting, Vocals,

Intelligence, Fitness and Luck. All of these Stats, barring LP, EP and Luck, are raised primarily through

Idol Training – a staple mechanic of most Idol simulation games. A brief explanation each Stat follows:

1. LIVE POINTS – Acts as the “Health Points” stat. Also known as LP. Briefly stated, if all the LP of the Idol is depleted, he is knocked out of the I-DUEL battle. LP is automatically restored after each I-DUEL Battle. During battle, LP can be recovered through Specials, I-Bilities and/or I-Dominions.

2. ENERGY POINTS – Acts as the “Magic Points” stat. Also known as EP. Specials use this resource to be used in the I-DUEL battle. EP is automatically restored after each I-DUEL Battle. During battle, EP can be recovered through Specials, I-Bilities and/or I-Dominions.

3. CHARM – Acts as the “Strength” stat. Charm represents the overall charisma of the idol. This includes their fashion sense, the styles they portray and the effect of their general appearance to the audience. The power of Appeals and certain Specials (especially Cute-Type ones) are highly depend on the Charm stat. As for Counters, it acts as a defensive buffer.

4. ACTING – Acts as the “Defense” stat. Acting represents the ability of the idol to portray roles. This includes their flexibility to adapt in different situations and their talent in expressing themselves. Acting acts as the primary buffer against Appeals, but also used offensively by Counters and certain Specials (especially Sexy-Type Specials).

5. VOCALS – Acts as the “Magic” stat. Vocals denote the musical capacity of the idol. This includes the quality of their voice, the techniques they use when singing and their capability to follow rhythm. Vocals find its value on Specials, since most of them use the stat as a primary or secondary base for both power and defense.

6. INTELLIGENCE – Acts as the “Perception” stat. Intelligence is the intellectual proficiency and creativity of the idol, as well as their adaptability to respond to questions or situations. Intelligence affects the accuracy and critical hit rate of the Idol’s moves as well as the effectiveness of Status Effects. Specials (mostly Cool-Type ones) also use this Stat.

7. FITNESS – Acts as the “Speed” stat. Fitness is simply the overall bodily form of the idol. This includes their ability to carry themselves well, doing poses and in implementing dance steps. Fitness dictates the turn order of actions in battle, as well as used as evasion, critical hit evasion and damage input by certain Specials (typically Active-Type).

8. LUCK – The black sheep of all stats, it gives a random effect on all other actions, such as the results of Idol Training outside of battle. A few yet rare Specials also use Luck as basis for its power, so it should not be underestimated. Additionally, the activation rates of certain I-Bilities and I-Dominions also rely partly on Luck.

When equipped, I-Décors can boost Idol Stats during the Battle. Certain Specials, Items, I-Bilities and I-Dominions can also temporarily augment the Stats for a few turns. Aside from Idol Training, permanent

increases or decreases to the Stats can be achieved through other means, such as undertaking

after-school Club activities or completing side-quests.