Appeals, Specials and Counters may gain a special attribute known simply as an Idol Type.

The Idol Type corresponds to each of the four Idol classifications – Cute, Cool, Sexy and Active.

An Idol may be strong or weak against a specific Type. For an example, a Cute-Type Appeal will deal

more damage to an Idol weak against Cuteness, but causes lesser damage to an Idol strong against it. Aside

from being naturally inherent on the Idol or in the action itself, an Idol may also gain a Type offense or Type defense depending on the I-Décors they equip or through any active I-Bility or I-Dominion. In a normal RPG, Idol Types can be likened to “Elements”.

Drawing further similarities to Elements in RPGs, the four Idol Types have a certain “relationship” with each other. Cute and Sexy are two opposite sides of a spectrum and so are Cool and Active. Though not true all the time, a Cute Idol is normally strong against Cute-Type moves and weak against Sexy-Type moves and the opposite is true for Sexy Idols. The same is true for Cool and Active Idols. We reiterate that this is not the case all the time, but it might be do you some good to take note of it.

A more-in-depth discussion of the four Idol Types follows:

1. CUTE – A Cute Idol is known for his youthful charm and upbeat style. It is represented by the color red, light and nature and the heart symbol. The stat closely tied to Cuteness is CHARM, which means that these Idols are great at Appeals. Cute-Type Specials are as straightforward as they can be, which means they are very offensive in nature. The opposite of Cute is Sexy.

2. COOL – A Cool Idol is a popular one who backs on his calm and composed image and level head. It is represented by the color blue, water and ice and the diamond symbol. The stat closely tied to Coolness is INTELLIGENCE, making them effective at Status Effects and in getting critical hits. Cool-type Specials are flexible and varied but quite difficult to pull off. The opposite of Cool is Active.

3. SEXY – A Sexy Idol is simply alluring and expressive, backing on intense maturity. It is represented by the color purple, fire and darkness and the spade symbol. The stat closely tied to Sexiness is ACTING, which means they are defensive in nature and incredible at Counters. Sexy-type Specials are conniving things, spewing traps and lowering enemy offenses. The opposite of Sexy is Cute.

4. ACTIVE – An Active Idol is full of energy and enthusiasm and this positivity shines through. It is represented by color yellow, wind and lightning and the clover symbol. The stat closely tied to Activity is FITNESS, turning them into quick battlers. Active-type Specials are unique for its very fast activation period, but also quite weaker compared to the others. The opposite of Active is Cool.