I-DUEL is a system used by the prestigious Andromeda Academy for its fledgling 

Idol Course students, allowing them greater freedom in their studies to become pros in the

industry. In order to progress, students must face off with each other, with the winner decided on

who can last longer on the stage. Aside from garnering valuable experience, the victor usually gains

new I-Décors – outfits and accessories the students can put on for the show. Idols are also granted useful 

I-Bilities by the system itself, which in the right conditions, can turn the tides of battle.


The luckiest and the best acquire the incredible bringer of miracles known as the I-Dominion. Students carry their Portable Idol Management Pad or PIMP, a cellphone-like gadget that carries their personal information and collected I-Décors as well as allow them to participate in the I-DUEL battles, among other useful functions. Due to the progressive nature of the I-DUEL system, even the companies affiliated with the entertainment industry, such as studios and production agencies, use the I-DUEL system for auditions.

Though I-DUEL is a competitive system at its core, friendships are forged as easily as rivalries. It is not uncommon for the students to form their own Idol Units, which is actually recommended by the school. Andromeda Academy’s finest battle in its annual Dream Idol Coronation or the DIC, where groups of two to four compete for the chance against the school’s top, the Crown Princes. The Crown Princes lead the school as its own Student Council, as well as the ones with the greatest privileges and opportunities of making it big upon graduation.

Ordinary sixteen-year old Yuuki Nekota aims to become an Idol by studying in Andromeda Academy, just like Sora Torao, the most popular Idol of the generation. After a chance encounter with the shining young man, Yuuki wanted to be just like him. However, his knowledge of the I-DUEL system is virtually none and he enters the Academy’s auditions critically unprepared. Heading on stage for the first time, Yuuki’s unyielding hope crystallizes into a mysterious power known as Copycat. With Copycat’s powers, he “copies” the I-Bility of his opponent, winning his first I-DUEL battle by a very small margin. Despite passing with a low score, his “odd” power and audition quickly became famous amongst the Academy, catching the attention of various school teachers and the current Crown Princes, the group known as MYTH4, led by none other than Yuuki’s idol Sora Torao.

Now a student of Andromeda Academy, Yuuki must learn to use the I-DUEL system to triumph amongst others and earn a place in the coveted thrones of the Crown Princes. As he meets and befriends various other Idols with their own strengths, flaws and problems, Yuuki must form an invincible Idol Unit to battle with in the next Dream Idol Coronation. What fate awaits Yuuki and the incredible power he had come to possess?